Dash Diet Tips

Add a serving of vegetables at lunch and at dinner.
Add a serving of fruit to your meals or as a snack. Canned and dried fruits are easy to use, but check that they don’t have added sugar.
Use only half your typical serving of butter, margarine, or salad dressing, and use low-fat or fat-free condiments.
Drink low-fat or skim dairy products any time you would normally use full-fat or cream.
Limit meat to 6 ounces a day. Make some meals vegetarian.
Add more vegetables and dry beans to your diet.
Instead of snacking on chips or sweets, eat unsalted pretzels or nuts, raisins, low-fat and fat-free yogurt, frozen yogurt, unsalted plain popcorn with no butter, and raw vegetables.
Read food labels to choose products that are lower in sodium.